Long journey to iPhone 6s Plus

It’s been a long time since I had an iphone. When I had iPhone 3GS I really loved everything about it, but one day it’s hardware has shown it’s age and it was a time to say goodbye and move on on next model iPhone 4. It was an instant disappointment! Sound quality of 3GS was far more superior than its upgrade. Iphone 4 sounded just like another digital mp3 player, too digital with no soul to it. Larger pixels count  screen ended up the same physical size too, way to tiny for my hands. It was a joy killer and decision maker making me to switch to Android that was evolving so fast and already catching up with iOS those days. Since then I was hooked up on Android / Google ecosystem. I have lived happily ever after and enjoyed my Androids. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t missing iOS with its brilliant native and unique media apps like Garage Band, iMovie and etc.

Iphone 6 and 6 Plus.

 Great, finally Apple made a move towards large screens. It was very tempting to try new phones and new iOS 8, but I managed to keep cool and waited for S version.

Big S

This day has come. Iphone 6s is here!
What letter S brought us this time?
Most important things that matters too me:
1. Sound quality. Since iphone 6 sound became warmer and more analogish still retaining sharp definition of all musical instruments with nice firm basses slightly soft and gentle on its edges. Instruments placement felt way more accurate than mish-mashy iphone 4 and too digital iphone 5 sound. I wish I could test 6s against 3gs model now, I may have found that 6s sounds closer to 3gs.
2. Improved camera. 12 megapixels is far more relevant to modern age than 8 megapixels.
3. Battery life. It’s still of course to be tested, but reports saying it’s not bad at all. (Finally! !!!!!!!)
4. Visual appearance. Really like the design of it.
5. Garage Band!!!!! Really missed this one 🙂

14 Days

Apple gives 14 days peace of mind policy so I should have just enough time to test it and to find out if it can fully replace my Note 3. Integration of Google services in my iPhone is the most important thing for me and I will keep you in the loop how I get on with it.
I guess there are so many people who also hooked up on Google services like me who may find my article helpful. I will write about all my progress and findings during 14 days of my iQuest  with completely new system and new phone.

Getting The iThing

Here is where it gets a bit comical. Despite the phone been released on sales on 25th day of September I’m still struggling to get one. I mean it! I do really struggle. It’s not available in store unless you reserve it. Holy cow, how could that be possible that the priciest model of the phone is never in stock??? Reservation line opens at 6am and by 6.02 all daily stock is completely wiped out and you getting fun message: Unavailable please check tomorrow. How high is the demand for it??? It is just shocking !!! I had no luck so far, will have to try tomorrow at 6am. Back to you soon. Good night London 🙂

Few days after. My attempts to get the iThing :
26th September – went to Apple store. No luck
27th September – got up 5.55am to reserve it online for in store pick up. 6.00am reservations opened – 6.02am all gone. Wasn’t quick enough. No luck again.
28th September – same story but all gone by 6.01am. Try again …
29th September – same story, but it didn’t even appear in stock. Gone before proper arrival in a fraction of a second.
I seriously started getting thoughts of giving up for a time being, but miracle…
My lovely wife have applied her magic and managed to reserve me the iThing!!!
I had it in my hands by 18.00. OMG!!!
Same evening I started my exploration of iOS 9 fields.

DAY 1 (29.09.15)
Had only a couple of hours to play with it in the evening. Installed “Move to iOS” app on my Note 3 and wasted few hours until realising that app gives up on transferring 29 GB of photos I have on my Note. Transferred everything else in the end, but not photos. Have to look for other option of moving it to Iphone.
Done basic setup of iOS and downloaded few apps on it. My iPhone Plus screens looking like a big (massive) mess at the moment. Over and out. Done! Off to sleep.

DAY 2 (30.09.15)
Tiding my screens up. Testing audio quality (waiting audio chips to burn in, too early to say). Getting familiar with iOS 9 and iPhone Plus features. Impressed so far. Planning ways of accommodating my Google services on it. Slowly downloading all apps and organising in folders.

DAY 3 (1.10.15)
Have not had much time to spend with my phone. So far really impressed how battery is holding up!!! Activated my Apple Music 3 month free trial. Need to spend more time to learn how to organise music in Music App. So far really impressed with 6s Plus sound quality. Will write separate clause on it.
Also discovered unbelievably silly APPLE BUG: NO DELIVERY REPORTS FOR NON iMESSAGE MESSAGES! That is rediculous! Really Apple? I guess it’s so hard to implement this feature! LOL!!!!!!!

DAY 4 (2.10.15)
Finally got all my applications in place and organised into folders to be compatible with my working patterns.
All social networking apps and email accounts got set up too. Testing audio quality with different headphones.
Now looking for a good case that suits my lifestyle. I think Spigen Ultra Hybrid TECH case is the one. Bought it.
Did a shootout between 6s Plus and Note 3. Iphone camera makes Note 3 feel like an ancient camera. Especially in low light performance. Ok, I know, Note 3 is fairly old phone but this is the one I’m considering to change. Was also looking into Note 4 but not very convinced with body design changes vs price. Galaxy Edge Plus is just rediculously priced for what it is and has 64 GB top memory size.
My iPhone is ready to get my SIM card in for further tests. Just need to pop in to Three store to transfer my number from mini SIM to nano SIM.
So far do like my experience with iOS 9 and 6s Plus.

DAY 5 (3.10.15)
Big day! SIM transfer completed, I’m fully on my iPhone 6s Plus. Still waiting for Spigen case to arrive. Hopefully Mon or Tue.
Starting new post “Android 5 vs. iOS 9 – Battle of Titans”. It’s all about good bits and weaknesses in both mobile operating systems. Will be posting it once it’s more or less complete.
I feel like it’s time to stop my Google Music subscription.
APPLE MUSIC GLITCH or clever sneaky thing!!!! : If you connected to same Apple Music account on both your devices you can not listen different tunes on both of them same time. You will get ugly message on your screen saying: It seems like you already listening music on different device, so … bagger off!” Once you pressed button ok to clear the message your music pauses. Same happens to other device once you press button play on yours. Is sort of like new Apple game like throwing ball to each other 🙂 I’m going to call this feature APPLE FETCH or iFetch :))))

Did some camera tests, really love the outcome. Optical image stabiliser really shines. You can easy see it in low light photos. White balance and color reproduction is always spot on and so realistic. 12 megapixels is really nice boost giving more details to your photos, I don’t think phones need anything more than that. Camera is very fast and simple – no clutter approach. Best thing for a phone. If I need something else I can always take my Canon 5D mk3 with me. 

Screen is color accurate with white and black point just where its supposed to be. Color temperature is nicely balanced. Every photographer will appreciate that. Screen has great resolution and fantastic visibility in direct sunlight. 

Waterproofing / weatherproofing . According to unofficial research (google it) new 6s’s have certain level of water resistance. New gaskets inside the units, never seen before, suggesting that Apple prepares for fully waterproofed iPhone 7. This is an unofficial feature of iPhone 6s / 6s Plus. Thanks Apple, it’s s good to see you over delivering!

DAY 6 (4.10.15) 

Got used to the iOS9 now. I think Apple doing a good job and improving on every single aspect of hardware and firmware. 

Lets talk about music! If you planning to use your Apple buds that come with the phone you may skip this part and move on to the next one. By no means I’m saying Apple supplying really bad earbuds, but I believe for premium segment phone with premium price they may give us a better ones. Especially after laying there hands on Beats (however Beats are still not worth asking price). Ok, here i will stop slugging off their approach and move on to Audio Quality.


To mine and few other millions of audiophiles opinion Iphone 3gs had best sound quality out of whole of iPhones up until now. 3GS had Wolfson DAC (audio chip) that was replaced to cheaper Cirrus Logic DAC in iPhone 4 and also used in all future models since then.

Cirrus Logic wasn’t nearly as good as Wolfson and sounded just like another digital music player. Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, too digital. It was a main reason why I ditched my iPhone 4 away. It turned out huge disappointment! Within few years Cirrus Logic have really improved its standards and iPhone 5s was one of the best sounding phones but not quite there just yet. With iPhone 6 Apple introduced new Cirrus logic 338S1201 audio codec chip that really raised iPhone sound quality bar and put it next to HTC M9+ and other higly commended “audiophile phones”.

You may’ve heard of latest news: acquisition of Wolfson by Cirrus Logic and cancellation of Wolfston’s shares on the London Stock Exchange…

So, what is inside of 6s to get excited about? Its not one but two audio codec chips! Now its custom made Apple/Cirrus logic 338S00105 and 338S1285 Audio ICs. Some sites also reporting there is one more of them hidden inside making it total to 3 audio chips. I think Apple really nailed it this time with firm soft edged  lows, nice clean mids and sharp yet gentle crystal clear highs. I really like instruments placement and depth of sound in new 6s models. I feel it sounds more to analog side of music than just “all there” digital… Sold!!! 

List of earphones and headphones used for my sound tests: Bose QC15, Bose IE2, B&O 3i, Shure SE215, Shure E3C.

DAY 7 (5.10.15)

I think I’ve had enough time to decide. 

Key points that made me to move to iPhone 6s Plus:

Sound quality, functionality of iOS 9, amazing battery life, camera, screen size, design and overall feel of the device. 

All magical photos used in this blog are taken by my lovely wife.

This is not a final revision of this post, do apologise for typos as it’s all done on the go. Over and out! Peace ; )

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