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Summer full of love ❤️ ❤️

This summer we were really busy with tons of exciting photoshoots all over the UK. We've met lots of interesting people and seen so many beautiful locations.

Here is the one of our recent photoshoots in lavender fields. Enjoy quick video clip compilation of photos our lavender field shots!

Watch it on YouTube:
❤️💜Lavender Love💜❤️

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We only photographing the most happiest people in the world 🌎!!!

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1500 milestone on Instagram 

Today I have passed 1500 milestone on my Instagram!!! Thanks everyone for liking my photos! 

Сегодня у меня было круглое число на Инстаграм, я прошел рубеж 1500 подписчиков!!!Спасибо за ваши лайки !

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Feeling the beat with Boombox // Бумбокс и Лондон, или как Андрей прокачал Туманный Альбион.

Boombox – Ukrainian funk, hip-hop and rock band formed in 2004 in Kiev. They are very talented bunch of chaps and their vocalist holding a special place in the band. They singing in Ukrainian, Russian and English.  The band is always keeping busy and very often touring and performing all around the world. 

Their performances are always sellout and it’s says a lot about their popularity all over the world. 

We were invited to capture their London performance and really enjoyed warm atmosphere during their full of energy and positive vibes 2 hours set. 


Я думаю нет смысла объяснять кто такие Бумбокс. Будучи на арене с 2004 года они покорили много сердец и обрели очень широкую аудиторию слушателей.

Нас пригласили запечатлить их выступление в Лондоне. Концерт прошел на ура с отличной атмосферой и абсолютно безупречно настроенным звуком. Это было здорово, мы классно провели время. Наслаждайтесь результатами наших трудов! 


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Long journey to iPhone 6s Plus

It’s been a long time since I had an iphone. When I had iPhone 3GS I really loved everything about it, but one day it’s hardware has shown it’s age and it was a time to say goodbye and move on on next model iPhone 4. It was an instant disappointment! Sound quality of 3GS was far more superior than its upgrade. Iphone 4 sounded just like another digital mp3 player, too digital with no soul to it. Larger pixels count  screen ended up the same physical size too, way to tiny for my hands. It was a joy killer and decision maker making me to switch to Android that was evolving so fast and already catching up with iOS those days. Since then I was hooked up on Android / Google ecosystem. I have lived happily ever after and enjoyed my Androids. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t missing iOS with its brilliant native and unique media apps like Garage Band, iMovie and etc.
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Gosha Kutsenko in London // Гоша Куценко в Лондоне

How often do you get to see an artist celebrating his birthday on stage? Gosha Kutsenko who has huge following in Russia and around the world put up such a lovely performance in 229 The Venue, London on Wednesday 20th May. We were invited to photograph this event. Show was hosted by Eastern EU Group and Tickets Land
Как часто приходится видеть актера празднующего свой День Рождения на сцене? Гоша Куценко провел его в Лондоне,  в 229 The Venue клуб в тесном кругу друзей и поклонников.
Концерт выдался на славу и все здорово провели время. Организацией праздника занимались Eastern EU Group и Tickets Land. Они и пригласили нас отснять эту чудесную вечеринку.


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Portrait of Pete Maxey

   Based in South East London, Pete is a theatre practitioner specialising in technical design & implementation, as well as a performer of theatre, music and comedy. He is currently involved in the development of new work for the National Theatre in London, and works as a freelance lighting & sound designer. Pete is also working on a series of adaptations of traditional fairy tales for adults, and writing a one-man play. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @petemaxey

    _MG_4955 _MG_4962 _MG_4972 

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Portrait of actor and director Daniel Bailey

Hi everyone,
here I have some images from headshot session of Daniel Bailey. He is very talented British actor and director, known for Sable Fable (2013), David Is Dying (2011) and Y.O.L.O. Therapy (2012).


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Trip to Amsterdam


Just before summer kicked in we were booked for two shoots in Amsterdam. Weather forecast wasn’t promising with plenty clouds and rain, usual thing for Amsterdam.  We had two days to look around and get our location hunting done, two days to shoot our assignment and rest of the days to shoot Amsterdam. Also we ‘ve planned a bit of travelling outside of the city.

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